Tibet Ads


The Tibetan Plateau is now wired for the internet. Realizing that the internet is a wonderful source for advertising, it made great sense to develop a website which would help promote worthwhile Tibetan businesses. Hence, www.TibetAds.net was formed in early 2006 to fulfill this growing need.

Mr. Tsultrim Gyatso, founder of TibetAds, has lived in United States since 2007, where he learned a variety of web techniques: CSS, HTML and others. He also trained in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, Final Cut and Premiere.

Today Mr. Tsultrim Gyatso continues his education in Media Arts. Also serving society for its progress, Gyatso volunteers as website manager and developer for a number of NGOs working for Tibet’s future.


Discussion and collection:

At first we meet the client by phone or in person to discuss the website and the nature of the business. Client may provide text, images, video and other materials.

Planning and Design:

We will discuss the functionality of the website and plan a rough design of the layout. We will sketch the website for the client.


The actual design will includes proper layout, fonts, coloring and links. We will send a copy of the whole site to the client for approval.

To the World Wide Web:

After approval, the website will connect to the Internet – the World Wide Web.